China Minsheng Bank Nanning Branch


Established on January 1st, 1996 in Beijing, China Minsheng Bank is the first nation-wide joint-stock commercial bank primarily funded by non-public enterprises in China and the joint-stock financial institution strictly created following the rules and regulations of the Company Law and the Law on Commercial Banks. The economically diversified involvement in the financial industry of China and the standard modern enterprise system, which has drawn much attention from the economic and financial world of China and abroad, differentiates China Minsheng Bank from state-owned banks and other commercial banks. As the pilot project of the reform of banks in China, China Minsheng Bank has been committed to reform, acted proactively, continuously developed business, extended scale, increased revenue every year and maintained a fast and steady growth to contribute positively to the reform and innovation of banking industry in China.

Guangxi’s economy is developing unprecedentedly ever since Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone was included in the national development strategy. As the 30th provincial-level branch of China Minsheng Bank and the first branch bank in ethnic minority area, China Minsheng Bank Nanning Branch is located in the Langdong central business zone of the capital city of Guangxi. It upholds the concepts of “serving the people and caring for the livelihoods of the people”, and thoroughly implements the “Three Orientations” set up by the head office, that is, oriented towards bank for private enterprises, bank for small and micro sized enterprises and bank for high-end customers, striving to build Nanning Branch the top bank in the region with characteristics and best performance within three to five years, to provide support for the local economic development in Guangxi and to contribute to the economic reform and development of Guangxi.

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