An Introduction to Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank


Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank is a regional, international, and share-holding bank of excellent features, its establishment is duly authorized by China Banking Regulatory Commission, and it is the bank directly under the leadership of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Based on restructuring Nanning City Commercial Bank, the initial framework of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank is formed by absorbing and combining Liuzhou City Commercial Bank and Guilin City Commercial Bank, and by establishing its branches in Qinzhou, Beihai, and Fangchenggang. The bank aims to get listed in the capital market and establish branch offices or business network in other areas of China, ASEAN countries, and other regions, in an endeavor to develop into a modern commercial bank with a strong competitive edge and with international level in China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA).

The area in which Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank is located lies at the central juncture of multi-regional cooperation including China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Zone, Great Mekong Sub-regional Cooperation Area, Pan Pearl River Delta Economic Cooperation Area, six provinces/regions in Southwest China, and five provinces/regions in Central South China. The area has the advantages of coastal opening up, river opening up, and border opening up, and it is located in the center of CAFTA connecting Chinese market and ASEAN market, so it enjoys the location superiority of two-way communication between China and ASEAN countries and is the important base and “bridgehead” to promote the all-sided cooperation between China and ASEAN countries. To serve Guangxi’s economy, the opening up and development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, and the construction of CAFTA, Beibu Gulf Bank is born as the time requires and as one of the ten key projects for the opening up and development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone.

Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank: a Regional, International, and Share-holding Bank of Excellent Features

Aims of Development: Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank aims at serving Guangxi’s economy, Beibu Gulf’s opening to the outside world and opening up, and CAFTA, and through further improving property right structure and business mechanism, reforming management system, integrating financial resources, strengthening risk control, and enhancing assets quality, the Bank will become a modern commercial bank with good corporate management and risk control mechanism, so that the Bank can provide powerful financial support to the development of Guangxi’s economy, Beibu Gulf’s opening to the outside world and opening up, and the construction of CAFTA.

Functional Orientation:The bank serves as important regional financial backbone, powerful support to the local economy, enterprises’ partner, and a good quality bank of special features serving the public.

Strategic Focus:Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank insists on the differentiation strategy, and cultivates its core competitiveness, in an endeavor to push forward Guangxi’s economy, help Beibu Gulf opening to the outside world and opening up, fuel up the construction of CAFTA, and support the development of enterprises and the development of all the customers.

Business Concept:Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank regards a “good bank” as its standard, takes as its business targets “first-rate business performance, sound corporate management structure, good internal control mechanism and management level, satisfactory service to the clients”, and establishes the business concept of “clients as the center, benefit as the core, risk control as the focus”.

Business Innovation:Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank energetically develops the international business, strengthens the cooperation with domestic and external financial institutions, and sets up a modern financial system serving CAFTA.

Address: 10 Qingxiu Road, Nanning City, Guangxi Post Code: 530028

Telephone bank: 86-771-96288

Fax: 86-771-6115383

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