Wuming District receives 123,900 tourists during National Day holiday


During the National Day holiday this year, Wuming District attracted a large number of short-trip tourists with natural landscape, folk culture and other favorable resources. In particular, Daming Mountain, Flower World, Yiling Cave and leisure agritainments were blossoming, receiving 123,900 tourists and reaping revenue of 5.287 million yuan, up by 18.6% compared with that of last year.

In recent years, Wuming District has been vigorously advancing tourism development throughout the district. Now, it has 58 scenic spots. Among those, there are 3 national 4A tourist attractions, 1 autonomous-regional-level 5-star rating rural tourist area, 5 autonomous-regional-level 4-star rating rural tourist areas and 7 autonomous-regional-level 3-star rating agritainments. Besides, there are also 42 rural tourist areas and agritainments with growing scales year after year. The growing varieties of tourism products in Wuming District not only activated tourism market during the holiday, but also stimulated consumption.

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