"UCI World Tour-Tour of Guangxi" to show charm of Nanning


Lately, Zhou Hongbo, Mayor of Nanning, stressed as he inspected the preparatory work for the 2018 UCI World Tour-Tour of Guangxi (Nanning) that lessons should be drawn from the successful experience of last year, and a down-to-earth attitude should be taken to arrange for all preparatory and service work in accordance with the overall planning and requirements of Guangxi, so as to guarantee the successful hosting of the event and fully display the charm of Nanning.

Nanning Circuit Race of the tour will be held on October 18 and Nanning-Mashan Nongla Race will be held on October 19. On that day of inspection, Mayor Zhou and his entourage came to Minzu Square and inspected the start and end of Nanning Circuit Race, as well as race tracks and the surroundings along Minzu Avenue. They also inspected the preparatory work and renovation conditions from Qingxiu Wanda Plaza, the start of Nanning-Mashan Nongla Race to the square of Mashan Nongla Scenic Area, the end of Nanning-Mashan Nongla Race.

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