Spare no effort to push forward preparation of Garden Expo


In recent days, Zhou Hongbo, Mayor of Nanning, hosted the 17th meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the 12th China (Nanning) International Garden Expo, emphasizing that on the basis of phased achievements of preparatory work, we should devotedly push forward the preparation in accordance with the requirements and arrangements of the Central Government, Guangxi and Nanning, so as to ensure the successful holding of the Garden Expo.

Until now, the preparation of the 12th China (Nanning) International Garden Expo goes well. In particular, the three major projects, i.e. landscape, municipal engineering and construction, have been smoothly completed, and the construction of exhibiting gardens of all cities has been basically completed. Now the Garden Expo is under commissioning, and the work of investment attraction, exhibitor recruitment and publicity is in full swing. With the acceleration of the preparation, all the tasks and pitch points are controllable and pushed forward in accordance with schedule.

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