Nanning strengthens industrial agglomeration to promote high-quality industrial development


In recent years, Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area introduced 13 major projects such as Neptunus, Liuzhou Pharmaceutical and Shenguan, and actively cultivated industrial clusters of biomedicine. According to the development goals proposed in the “Several Opinions of Nanning on Accelerating the Development of Biomedical Industry”, the biomedical industry in Nanning will strive to achieve a total production value of 30 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 19% by 2020.

At present, Nanning is taking high-quality industrial development as the core, focusing on improving industrial agglomeration, actively guiding industrial parks to find a correct position, giving play to comparative advantages, identifying key industrial development domains, expanding the scale of featured industries, as well as introducing enterprises that are in line with its own industrial orientation, giving full play to the advantages of industrial clusters’ agglomeration and development, and synergy and innovation, and accelerating the formation of an innovative network. By 2020, the industrial layout of the Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area will be further optimized, the technological innovation capability will be further promoted, the business environment will be further improved, the green development system will be initially established, the open cooperation space will be further expanded, and the radiation driving effect will be further enhanced.

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