Rail joints of Nanning Metro Line 3 (Phase I) welded


As the last rail joint in Binjin section was welded, the rail track in the section between Keyuan Avenue Station and Pingle Avenue Station (including the entrance and exit) has been well prepared, marking a breakthrough towards Line 3’s trial operation.

Since the project, through supervision and inspection of every task, as well as on-time site handover, Nanning Metro and relevant companies have laid a solid foundation for rapid track construction. Nanning Metro, together with other departments, launched a 30-days-long campaign to accelerate the welding of rail joints, optimize construction plan, and adjust construction process, so as to fulfill the task in a timely manner. The construction team has maintained a record for rail joints welding -- 50 per day/team, with a span of over 600 meters per day on average, ensuring the completion of every goal set in the project.

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