Multiple departments in Qingxiu District of Nanning cooperate to carry out water environment improvement


In recent days, Qingxiu District of Nanning held the “One Hundred Days Battle” motivation conference in combat with water environment pollution, analyzing the tasks and requirements of Qingxiu District in water environment improvement, constantly improving the livable level of Qingxiu District, and pushing forward the ecological civilization construction of Qingxiu District.

During the “One Hundred Days Battle” action, relevant departments in all towns and communities in Qingxiu District timely carry out net cage cleaning in animal-banning area, and they cooperate to combat together so as to push forward the smooth implementation of this action. Qingxiu District then would accord the working concept of “Upstream First and Downstream Later, Tributary First and Main Stream Later, Pollution Interception First and Recovery Later”, comprehensively implementing the River Chief System. Setting the regulation of river pollution as root and supplemented by water ecology management and water quality improvement engineering, Qingxiu District could guarantee the long-term clean of water environment and the constant standard quality of cross-section area.

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