Nanning Metro Line 5 enters stage of shield tunneling


Recently, with the cutter of the shield tunneling machine “Tielong 23” slowly rotating forward in the Jinkai Road Station of Nanning Metro Line 5, the first shield tunneling machine was officially launched for the line, which marked that the line was officially entering the construction stage of shield tunneling. The shield tunneling of this time is for the left line of Jinkai Road Station-Jiangnan Park Station. The tunneling route is as follows: from Jinkai Road Station, via the west side of Zhuangjin Avenue to the north. After reaching Jiangnan Park Station, the machine will be lifted from the shield shaft reserved by Jiangnan Park Station.

It is understood that the main route of the line 5 starts from Guokai Avenue of Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area in the south, and ends at Jinqiao Passenger Station of Xingning District in the north, with a total length of 20.2 kilometers and 17 stations, all of which are underground stations. As the key line of the east-west direction along the south bank of Yongjiang River, it will strongly support the development of the areas along Kunlun Avenue upon completion.

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