Commercial service industry of Binyang County in Nanning booming


In recent years, Binyang County of Nanning has accelerated the development of its commercial industry by focusing on “Building a Famous Modern Commercial City”. Meanwhile, it has upgraded existing commercial districts, built professional markets, and developed new multi-functional commercial districts.

At present, Binyang County is building a new urban commercial district: relying on the construction of Paolong Plaza, launching the renovation project of arcade in Zhonghe Street to create the “Paolong Plaza Commercial District”; relying on the high-end residential communities like Fenghuang Yinxiang in Fenghuang Science and Technology Cultural Plaza and Fenghuang Lake Park to create the “Commercial District in Chengdong New District”. Next, Binyang County will develop new types of business in accordance with the principle of developing business through science and technology. Based on the principle of green development, it will also promote the sustainable development of economy and society by vigorously developing green commercial service industry.

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