Daqiao Town of Binyang County continuously supports poverty alleviation


Ever since the work of targeted poverty alleviation began, Liulong Village, Daqiao Town, Binyang County has been thinking critically about how to adopt characteristic varieties that are suitable for local conditions depending on the advantages of traditional industry. Moreover, it worked out practical solutions and took a lead in the new path of pyramid-shaped industries, transferring mode of poverty alleviation from “Assistance-accepted Type” into “Self-dependent Type”.

Liulong Village introduced Sanfeng Modern Agricultural Company into the village to develop herbs planting and herbs process business as well as other characteristic industries, and build a Chinese medicinal herbs park, which includes a collective land of 200 mu for characteristic herbs in circulation. Currently, the park has been under smooth construction and is planned to be completed in September this year. Its operation will boost the development of collective economy in the village, and help villagers get rid of poverty and promote the quality of local industries that play a vital part in poverty alleviation.

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