Integration of “Flower, Tea and Tourism” helps farmers achieve prosperity


Hengxian County of Nanning City has been complying with the supply-side structural reform in agriculture in recent years. With the goal of creating the “National All-for-one Tourism Demonstration Zone” in Nanning and the “Famous County for Tourism with Characteristics” in Hengxian County, local authorities have focused on its characteristic industry -- jasmine flowers (tea) industry, integrating flower, tea and tourism, so as to fully exploit its characteristic resource on agricultural tourism and effectively boost rural vitalization.

Based on the national modern agricultural industry park centering on the Jasmine Garden of China, Hengxian County built an all-for-one tourism demonstration zone integrating functions of tourism, leisure, etc. This can further upgrade the jasmine industry and transfer jasmine resource into tourist economy as possible as it can. Meanwhile, Hengxian County also took full use of the advantage of “Green Tourism and Ecotourism”, integrating sightseeing in tea gardens, experience of tea-picking or tea-making, etc, and developing characteristic tourism project that combines tea and tourism together, thus giving full play to the natural resource to help locals achieve prosperity.

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