Promoting order-based agriculture to achieve win-win situation for enterprises and farmers


In recent years, Nanning has seen sluggish and fluctuated prices in sugar and sugarcane markets, leading to a decline in planting area and production of sugarcane. To break the bottleneck, Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd., focusing on balancing the interests of enterprises and farmers, has figured out a new path-- "Order-based Agriculture"-- to meet market requirements.

Since the implementation of order-based agriculture, Nanning sugar industry has gained slight growth. Sugarcane planting area has increased from 659,000 mu in 2015 to 1.005 million mu in 2018 and the proportion of good variety has increased from 29% in 2015 to 65% in 2018. In the next step, Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to improve the model of order-based agriculture according to the development of sugar industry, to expand and enhance its structure to realize a full-chain development including research, production and marketing services, and to fulfill a high-quality development of sugar industry.

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