First "New Era Workshop" in Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area opened


Recently, the first “New Era Workshop” in the Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area was opened in the Fengjiang Community, Jinkai Street. The creation of the “New Era Workshop” in Fengjiang Community marks a new stage in the construction of grassroots theory in the Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area. The teaching of grassroots theory will be more institutionalized, standardized and normalized. It is the main approach to promote and implement the policy measures of the Party and Government and to advance the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy; it is an important channel to strengthen grassroots Party building and closely link the relationship between the Party and the masses; it is also an important carrier to cultivate and promote the core values of socialism and to correctly lead the social customs, and an important platform to show the new images of the grassroots as well as the new looks of the cadres and the masses.

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