Adhere to problem orientation and continuously promote optimization of business environment


On the 10th, Mayor Zhou Hongbo presided over the Enterprise Symposium on Optimizing the Business Environment in Nanning, and consulted the opinions and suggestions of Nanning City’s next step on deepening reform and optimizing the business environment.

From the perspective of the company, the representatives of the enterprises presented the existing problems in Nanning's government environment, financing environment, tax service environment, etc., and proposed suggestions for improvement. Zhou Hongbo said that Nanning will adhere to the problem orientation, conduct a comprehensive reform of conquering challenges with quick action on the existing problems of the business environment, and ensure the actual implementation on the aspects such as promoting the reform of "One-time Errand Business", further accelerating the speed of project approval, etc., focusing on refinement and normalization to make the enterprises feel the in-depth changes with practical actions and visible results.

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