Nanning expected to build 10 new gas stations


Recently, Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued a notice for the new gas station plan in 2018. For the first batch, 134 plans for the new gas stations were approved, of which 10 new gas stations in Nanning are selected. This will help strengthen the macro-control and management of the development of the gas station industry, and gradually establish a modern network system that is compatible with economic development for gas station sales service.

The notice shows that the gas stations are tentatively named as Jiangnan Diyuan Road Gas Station, Jinchan Gas Station, Lingli Town Gas Station, etc. Among them, Jiangnan Diyuan Road Gas Station and Jinchan Gas Station are located in urban areas, the Gas Station of Subo Industrial Park in Mashan County in the national and provincial highway, and the remaining seven gas stations in county and township highways.

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