Nanning implements measures to reduce cost of enterprises in real economy


Recently, it was learned from the municipal price department that Nanning Price Bureau cancelled one service charge in accordance with the “Several Opinions of Nanning Municipal People's Government on Further Reducing the Cost of Enterprises in the Real Economy”, that is, from January 1, 2018, the urban planning comprehensive technical service fee will be canceled. Nanning Price Bureau clearly pointed out that the planning technical service work such as on-site reconnaissance and site selection of the construction projects is the work carried out around the “Site Selection Permit for the Construction Projects” and the “Planning Permit for Construction Lands”, which is within the scope of government duties, and its relevant funds shall be guaranteed by the financial budget at the same level instead of being covered or charged by the public institutions or intermediary agencies. It is estimated that the cancellation of urban planning comprehensive technical service fees can reduce the burden of enterprises by about 13 million yuan per year.

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