Nanning to build 2-3 urban business areas


Recently, it was learned from Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that Guangxi will launch an action plan for consumption upgrade to build two to three urban business areas in six key consumer cities such as Nanning, etc., and one or two in other cities, respectively, which will form newly-developing business areas with integrated functions combining restaurant, entertainment and finance, as well as build a main window to show the prosperity of urban business.

Chaoyang business circle is the most mature and oldest business area in Nanning, and it is fully functional and covers the daily needs of people. Langdong business circle brings together international shopping malls and high-end office buildings such as Diwang Building and Dream Island, and it is the concentration of modern white-collar workers and high-end consumer groups. At present, there are many business areas in Nanning, playing an important role in improving the functions of urban business services and meeting the needs of citizens.

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