Largest fruit chain enterprise of China settled in Nanning


Recently, it was learned from Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that the largest fruit chain enterprise of China, Pagoda, is settled in Nanning, allowing the public to enjoy high-quality fruits, and will further advance the transformation and upgrading of Guangxi's fruit industry and promote local high-quality products to the whole country.

Guangxi is located in the subtropical zone with rich fruit resources. There are fruits with traditional advantages such as litchi and longan, and new varieties such as passion fruit and dragon fruit continue to develop. The whole fruit industry faces a comprehensive transformation and upgrading. Pagoda is settled in Nanning with 8 stores opened this time, respectively located in Qingxiu District, Xingning District, etc. It will establish an online and offline sales terminal and a complete logistics distribution system. In the future, more than 300 stores will be opened in the region within the next three years, taking Nanning as the core radiation zone of many cities. It is planned to promote the creation of unmanned retail refrigerators to solve the bottlenecks such as fruit storage, allowing citizens to enjoy a fresh and convenient shopping experience by simply scanning a code.

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