Guangxi speeds up construction of various parks and upgrades service functions of old parks


In the next three years, Guangxi will speed up the construction of various parks, especially comprehensive parks, upgrade the service functions of old parks, further promote the construction of tree-lined roads, and realize the service standards that people can see green trees and parks within 300 meters and 500 meters respectively. It takes the lead in creating the first National Garden City Group--Guangxi Beibu Gulf National Garden City Group in the country. By 2020, the green coverage rate of the built-up areas above counties will reach 38%, the greening rate of the built-up areas will reach 33%, the per capita park green area will reach 12 square meters, and the construction of a 500km demonstration greenway will be completed. In addition, Guangxi will vigorously promote the reform of the garden green land maintenance and management system, and actively explore the long-term mechanism of refined maintenance and management. For example, Nanning City has outsourced socialized bidding for the green land about 6.53 million square meters of 165 roads in the city, with an outsourcing rate of more than 60%, which links the green land maintenance with funds, and implements rewards and punishments according to the standards.

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