Beidou Intelligent Industry settles in Nanning


On June 11th, the Illustration Conference for the Settlement of Beidou Intelligent Industry in Nanning & the Signing Ceremony for the Cooperation with Beidou College was held in Nanning. At present, as China's largest Beidou navigation application technology industrial parks “China Beidou Industrial Technology Innovation West Hongqiao Base”, its industrial expansion will be settled in Wuxiang New District, and will build a “China-ASEAN Beidou Intelligent Industrial Park” to create Beidou navigation application technology innovation center and Beidou internationalized industrial technology and promotion agglomeration base. At the same time, the company cooperated with Guangxi Information Vocational and Technical College to establish Beidou College to provide talent support for the development of Guangxi Beidou navigation industry.

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