Standing Committee of Nanning Municipal People's Congress goes to Shanglin to carry out poverty alleviation activities


Recently, Shuhua, Director of Standing Committee of Nanning Municipal People's Congress, went deep into Shanglin County to carry out large surveys and visits in the poverty-stricken villages of the county, including industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, tourism poverty alleviation, and immigration removal.

The investigation team visited Nongchen Village in Tanghong Town, Dongwu Village in Sanli Town, Dalang Village and Yufeng Village in Baixu Town, Yaohe Village in Xiangxian Town, the entrepreneurial and wealthy leader training incubation bases in the poverty-stricken villages of Guangdong and Guangxi, etc., and investigated the practices and experiences of Shanglin County in the main battlefield of poverty alleviation. In each of the deeply impoverished villages, the investigation team walked into the homes of three poor households to find out the effect of poverty alleviation, listened to the people’s voices, understood the needs of the people, and discussed with the local Party members and cadres about how to use their brains and strengths in poverty alleviation projects actually and effectively, so as to help them get out of poverty.

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