Bazhaigou Scenic Spot of Qinzhou promotes boutique tourism routes in Nanning


The Bazhaigou Scenic Spot in Qinzhou serves as a tourist card for Qinzhou and is a channel for tourists to understand Qinzhou. On June 5th, the Bazhaigou Scenic Spot of Qinzhou introduced tourism resources, including scenic spots of special tourism and exquisite routes in Nanning.

At the promotion meeting, the Bazhaigou Scenic Spot introduced the essential tour of Bazhaigou Scenic Spot (about 8 kilometers long, about 2 to 4 hours to take), and the essential tour of Wanshou Valley (about 5 kilometers long, about 4 hours to take, sightseeing bus section exclusively), and panoramic exploration day tour of Bazhaigou Scenic Spot (about 12 kilometers long, about 8 hours to take) to the tourism enterprises and citizens in Nanning. In addition, it also introduced the rafting + ticket package promotion activities in Bazhaigou Scenic Spot. The original price for adult is 178 yuan per person, but 100 yuan per person of a package discount; the original price for children in 1.2 meters or above is 125 yuan per person, but 85 yuan per person of a package discount.

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