Nanning focuses on optimizing financing environment to support enterprises’ development


In order to create a good financial environment and effectively alleviate the financing problems for small and micro enterprises, “Agriculture, Rural People and Rural Areas”, Nanning further promoted the construction of the “4321” government financing guarantee system, established a recommendation mechanism of government financing guarantee project, and used financial “Live Water” to water small and micro enterprises, lower corporate financing costs, and guide financial resources to boost the development of the real economy. As of the end of May this year, Nanning City's "4321" government financing guarantee business achieved an insurance balance of 109.0185 million yuan, breaking the 100 million yuan mark.

The "4321" government financing guarantee business effectively guided the formation of a "Revenue Sharing, Risk Sharing, Complementary Advantages, Mutual Benefit and Sustainable Development" cooperation model in a multi-participatory form to alleviate the financing problems of small and micro enterprises. At present, Nanning Small and Micro Enterprise Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., Guangxi Re-guarantee Co., Ltd., the cooperative banks, and the government (fiscal) of the place where the financing guarantee business takes place will share the compensatory responsibility of the "4321" guarantee risk sharing in proportion of 4:3:2:1.

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