Multiple initiatives to optimize business environment


The business environment is an important development foundation. In recent years, three national development zones in Nanning have fully implemented the spirit of the Nineteenth CPC National Congress and the deployment on further optimization for the business environment of Guangxi and Nanning. They have optimized and improved the business environment with multiple initiatives, and stimulated new driving forces for the economic development in high quality.

Since the beginning of this year, Nanning New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone has focused on the reform of “Streamlining Administration, Delegating Powers and Improving Regulation and Services” to comprehensively optimize and improve the business environment. The Nanning New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone has actively facilitated and simplified the industrial and commercial registration by business finishing on the spot and post submitting for missing materials. At the same time, it has strengthened the operational and post-operational oversight in order to create a fair and orderly environment for the market players to do business in Nanning New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

In recent years, Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area has increased investment on the construction of hard environment such as infrastructure, as well as the construction of soft environment such as policy and government affair, striving to provide enterprises with high-quality and efficient services to create a good business environment.

In the past two years, Guangxi-ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone has introduced more than 60 projects; the leasing area of standard workshops has added​​ more than 190,000 square meters, and the investment promotion has achieved remarkable results. The development zone has issued policies such as “Measures on Applying Investment Advisers (Trial)” “Measures to Encourage Enterprises to Lease or Purchase Standard Factory (or Idle Plants)” and “Regulations of ‘Post Submitting for Missing Materials’ for Enterprise Investment Projects (Trial)”. It has promoted the development of enterprises in the park and also increased the soft power of the business environment in the development zone.

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