Shanglin Eco-tourism Health Festival invites you to e-commerce fair


Shanglin Tourism Promotion Conference introduces Duhegong handicrafts.

On May 14, it was learned from the regular press conference of the Nanning Municipal People’s Government that the 2018 “China Tourism Day” Nanning (main venue) · the Shanglin Eco-tourism Health Festival and the “Party Flag Navigation · E-commerce Poverty Alleviation” E-commerce Fair themed with “Speaking for My Hometown” would be continued in Shanglin County from April 21 to May 31. Shanglin Eco-tourism Health Festival will launch 35 events in 8 series of theme activities, and will officially open on May 19.

The theme of the event was “Charming Shanglin – the Year of All-for-one Tourism”. There are 8 series of theme activities including the opening ceremony, Zhuang customs experience, Xu Xiake culture promotion, tourism poverty alleviation series activities, tourism promotion series activities, health and sports series activities, investment promotion activities, and the characteristic display of major scenic areas and rural tourism areas.

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