Price of second batch of silkworm cocoon in Nanning levels off


On 6th May, information from Nanning Sericulture Station says that the first batch of silkworm cocoon going on sales in all counties (districts) of Nanning is going to end, and the price tends to be stable; the second batch of silkworm cocoon will go on sales recently, and the price is estimated to level off.

Nanning Sericulture Station suggests that every silkworm rearing area shall continue to make great efforts to carry out the silkworm-breeding model with appropriate scale and efficiency, having family farms and cooperatives as carrier, and shall accelerate the transformation development of Nanning sericulture, and adopt the mode of “Super-concentrated Mulberry Field + Mulberry Shoot Rearing + Simple Greenhouses + Mulberry on Tracks Feeding” so as to achieve the target of cost-reduction as well as quality and efficiency improvement.

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