Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning takes effective measures to promote annual report work


It was learned from Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning that by May 1st, the annual report rate of enterprises in Nanning was 50.63%, farmer professional cooperatives 87.03% and self-employed traders 61.64%.

Since the annual report work on market entities was started in 2017, Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning has widely publicized the annual report policy, especially on the time and timeliness of the annual report. Moreover, the administration has guided enterprises to use the WeChat platform to conduct the annual report work. Since March this year, the administration has implemented the every-ten-days reporting system. Under this system, the administration sends the report to the people’s governments of the counties (districts) and the administrative committee of the development zone. Furthermore, the administration has arranged specialized personnel to monitor the annual report work of enterprises in Nanning every day and present it in a list by order. Through the implementation of the inspection system and the inquiry system to hold cautionary talks with entities at the end of the list, the administration can follow up the latest conditions of market entities’ annual reports and promote the annual report work.

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