Jiangnan District seeks new solution for poverty alleviation in rural industries


In recent years, Jiangnan District is seeking new ideas and new models for poverty alleviation in rural industries. Beef cattle, passion fruit, carambola, selenium-enriched rice and high quality seasonal fruits and vegetables were mainly raised and planted in this area. It developed not only its industries with local advantages according to local conditions but also supported the leading enterprises to encourage farmers to develop specialized, standardized, large-scale and intensive production, making every capable poor villager find a job without having to go far.

At present, Jiangnan District established a project reserve base for poverty alleviation which adhered to the principle of selecting excellence in excellence, and supported more than 20 industrial projects. It fully built a base for competitive industries with characteristics of “One Village One Variety” and “One Village Multiple Varieties”, steadily promoting the project of poverty alleviation.

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