Nanning’s industrial parks and modern service industry agglomeration areas to benefit from Guangxi "Electricity Reform"


Since April 1st, the “Transaction Program of Guangxi Industrial Parks and the Modern Service Industry Electric Power Market” (hereinafter referred to as "the program") has been formally implemented, further deepening the reform of the power system in Guangxi, releasing the electricity plan in an orderly way, fully releasing the reform dividend, and promoting the sustainable and sound development of the economy and society in Guangxi.

How to implement this program? Who can enjoy the "Electricity Reform" bonus? Recently, the Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued a notice to require a good job in the electric power market transactions with users in industrial parks. The following users can declare their participation in market transactions and enjoy the policy bonus brought by the "Electricity Reform": 10 thousand volt industrial users who come from autonomous regional industrial parks and above, such as Nanning High-tech Zone (including Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone), National Nanning Economic & Technological Development Area, and the users of production service industries in the first batch of modern service industry agglomeration areas of the autonomous region, such as Nanning International Comprehensive Logistics Park and Guangxi Hyperion International Agricultural Logistics Park.

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