Actual utilization of foreign capital of Nanning in Q1 makes good start


After the actual utilization of foreign capital of Nanning achieved good results in 2017 (with the growth rate of 24.4%), it still maintains the good momentum of development in the first quarter of 2018, ranking the first in Guangxi in terms of total value and growth rate. From January to March of 2018, the full-aperture actual utilization of foreign capital of Nanning achieved 389.88 million US dollars, completing 36.96% of the annual target task of Nanning and 41.04% of Guangxi, with a year-on-year increase of 67.69%. The target task (234.9 million US dollars) of the first quarter in 2018 has been completed 165.98%, which marks that the goal has been overfulfilled on time, making a good start in the new year.

There are 12 projects owning foreign capital of over 10 million US dollars, with actual capital of 347.64 million US dollars, accounting for 89.17% of the total. The top five enterprises in terms of foreign capital value are as follows: Guangxi Tangsheng Investment Co., Ltd. (60 million US dollars), Nanning IKEA Furniture Inc. (55.75 million US dollars), Nanning Fugui Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (44.79 million US dollars), Guangxi Gentle Group (43.42 million US dollars), and Nanning ZHHY Real Estate Co., Ltd. (30.77 million US dollars). In addition, the structure of foreign investment projects was further optimized, as the proportion of real estate was reduced and that of the manufacturing industry was gradually increased.

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