Guangxi promotes new leapfrog of automobile industry development


As learnt from the news conference on promoting the development of the automobile industry in Guangxi on March 30th, Guangxi will focus on developing new energy vehicles in the future, speeding up the restructuring and upgrading of the auto industry structure, and the new energy vehicle in Nanning will usher in a new development era. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale and strength of the whole auto industry will be in the front rank across the country.

In the future, there will be more and more renowned brand names of Guangxi cars at home and abroad. According to the meeting, by 2020 Guangxi will create 3 to 4 international famous and domestic first-class car brands, and the leading brand products will occupy more than 40% of the national automobile segment market share, meanwhile developing trucks, highway buses, city buses and tourist buses to consolidate and enhance the minivans, accelerating the development of Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), sport utility vehicle (SUV) and special vehicle, arranging new energy vehicles, and various new models will be continuously pushed to the market.

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