Wanshang International Holding Group visits Comprehensive Trade & Logistics Park in Nanning


From March 27th to 28th, 2018, Guo Xinsheng, chairman of Wanshang International Holding Group, together with another two, visited Comprehensive Trade & Logistics Park in Hengxian County and Shanglin County, accompanied by staff of Nanning Investment Promotion Bureau.

Hengxian County and Shanglin County welcomed their visit. Leaders from relevant county departments talked with Guo Xinsheng, introducing the business trade, logistic, subsidiary agricultural products and transportation construction, and led them to visit trade market, building material market, modern agricultural industrial park, and lands planned for the trade & logistics park.

As the strategic partner of Wuzhou International Group, Wanshang International Holding Group focused on the development of trade logistic and won the title of “Best Developer and Operator of Trade & Logistics”, and it progressed to southwest region in 2013. Guo Xinsheng expressed his confidence in this visit, and said that they would send a team to conduct an in-depth investigation in April.

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