“San Yue San” Zhuang People’s Ballad Fair and Luoyue Cultural Tourism Festival to be held in Wuming District soon


Previous performances at the opening ceremony

“San Yue San (Guangxi’s traditional festival on the third day of the third lunar month)” Zhuang People’s Ballad Fair and Luoyue Cultural Tourism Festival will be held soon in Wuming District, home to Zhuang Culture in China. The Zhuang people will invite and greet old friends and make new friends with songs. With the beautiful melody the grand ballad activity will promote the excellent Zhuang culture to the outside world.

Folk songs and dances featuring thousands of people, bamboo dances, hydrangea throwing, and fireworks, and other unique ethnic cultural activities of the Zhuang nationality and hot economic and trade activities have brought visitors from all over the world to join the fun. This year's activities are more local, interesting and interactive. In addition to participating in activities, visitors can also visit beautiful villages and embark on a journey full of rich folk customs.

In addition, investment environment briefings and signing ceremonies of projects, Zhuangjia Food and Wuming Special Products Trade Fair and some kinds of economic activities of steamed glutinous rice will also be carried out this year.

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