Promoting honest operation to create comfortable consumption environment


Recently, consumer Ms. Li bought 3 cans of milk powder at the website of Nanning Cross-border Commodity Direct Purchasing Experience Center. However, there were some creaks on the cans due to transportation. The staff of the center soon processed the return for Ms. Li according to her requirements after verifying the fact. Currently, as a comfortable consumption environment is formed in Nanning, perfect after-sales service ensures that consumers feel more comfortable when shopping in Nanning.

Since the implementation of “Honest Operation and Comfortable Consumption” Campaign of Guangxi in 2016, as one of the pilot cities, Nanning has taken the lead to propose and practiced the conception of “Comfortable Consumption CBD”, actively creating a business circle economy with Nanning characteristics. In the national work conference of commerce and industry and market supervision departments held in Nanning last year, the work of “Comfortable Consumption” of Nanning was highly valued by representatives from all over the country.

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