Xixiangtang District implements strategy of driving economic development through innovation, promotes industrial upgrading and transformation


On March 6th, the Standing Committee of the CPC Xixiangtang District Committee held a conference to study the main principles of the Third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and research the implementation measures.

From now on, Xixiangtang District will further implement the strategy of driving economy through innovation and build a new engine to drive economic development. Firstly, it will boost the cooperation of universities, companies and banks by building cooperative development platforms such as the cooperation between universities, companies and banks in the district, S&T incubation and Double Innovation Base to expand the scope of cooperation and interexchange and improve the depth of cooperation. Secondly, it will further the construction of the Double Innovation Base based on the demonstration and leading of National Anji · Wall Street Gonggu S&T Enterprises Incubator. Thirdly, it will improve the dominant position of enterprises in innovation by carrying on the programs of cultivating the main body of innovation, supporting enterprises to build platforms where property rights lead innovation, improve the service mechanism of S&T innovation and foster innovative enterprises. Fourthly, it will intensify the systematic reform of innovation mechanism by improving the mechanism and measures for implementing the strategy of driving development through innovation in the district and improve the protection of innovation mechanism.

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