Caring enterprise helps improve educational infrastructure in Long’an County


According to Nanning Poverty Alleviation Office, schools in poverty-stricken areas in Long’an County have been funded by Shanghai Oriental Huafa Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. The money will be invested in infrastructure and educational expenses for schools in poor areas, benefiting 1,803 underprivileged students from 2 schools in the county.

Shanghai Oriental Huafa and Long’an County Bureau of Education signed an agreement on poverty alleviation project, and both parties agreed that the company would spend 1 million yuan in supporting the one-million project of Long’an County. The project plans to invest 560,000 yuan to make hot water supply system accessible in Dujie Town Middle School, and 320,000 yuan to build the same system in Qiaojian Town Middle School. The remaining 120,000 yuan will be reserved for “Long’an County Education Support Fund”.

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