Economic contribution rate of Nanning’s scientific and technological innovation exceeds 50%


On February 7th, Guangxi Sci-tech Innovation and Intellectual Property Working Meeting in 2018 was held.

It should be noted that economic contribution rate of Nanning’s scientific and technological innovation has reached 50 percent, and its leading role of scientific and technological innovation has been further enhanced. Besides, Nanning carries out the work in accordance with the development plan of innovation-based pilot city, and with the third party’s assessment of national innovation-based pilot city, it is expected to be listed as the innovation-based city.

It is reported that Guangxi will improve the innovative demonstration capability of four autonomous-region-level innovation demonstration zones, including Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin and Beihai, so as to lay a solid foundation for establishing national innovation demonstration zones. Meanwhile, it will launch the construction of innovative towns, combining Guangxi’s “Special Towns” construction to develop the innovative towns that are characterized by advanced technology, technological service and industry-city integration. The innovative towns should have strong technological support, beautiful ecological environment, profound cultural foundation and environment for living, business and tourism. It is also revealed that the early-stage constructions for ASEAN Innovative Towns in Nanning and the innovative and start-up town for graphene in Liuzhou have been launched.

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