Fiscal revenue of Xixiangtang District witnesses growth in January


As learned from Xixiangtang District on Feb. 6, the fiscal revenue of Xixiangtang District reached 710 million yuan in January, with year-on-year growth of 19.01%. It got off to a flying start in fiscal revenue.

This year is the crucial year for Xixiangtang District to promote innovation driving and industrial upgrading. It has strengthened the service for major projects and key enterprises, and promoted plans, arrangements, advancement and implementation as soon as possible, which helps achieve better fiscal revenue. Next, Xixiangtang District will give full play to the state-level technology business incubator of St. Wall Valley, further develop the new industries, new forms and new modes, and speed up the development of St. Wall Valley Phase II project to build the core area of “Pooling Talents in Anji and Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” with Anji Area as its core.

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