ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone taps potential of greenhouse industry


It is learned from ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone that, since the development of “Livable Countryside”, Wumao Farm in the Development Zone has fully promoted the work of “Livable Countryside” project, and facilitated the structural reform of agricultural products through “industrial development to make farmers rich”. The industrial structure is optimized, new products and new industry forms are booming, and the income of workers is increasing.

In 2017, in accordance with the work plan of “Livable Countryside”, Wumao Farm constructed the Qingfu Tun as the demonstration area of making farms rich through industrial development. With the existing greenhouse industries of west melon, tomato and dragon fruit, it further tapped the potential of greenhouse industry. Currently, the planting project of color pepper has given rise to the color pepper greenhouse plants of 76 families, which has formed the new industrial features.

Next, Wumao Farm will introduce the capital of 1 million yuan, build a cold-chain logistic center of fruit and vegetable with a full set of facilities, and gradually form the modern agricultural system that integrates industries and products’ circulation.

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