China-Europe Trains Promotion Meeting held


On the morning of Feb. 3, China-Europe Trains Promotion Meeting was held in Nanning by Pingxiang Municipal Government, and the situation of the trains is introduced to representatives from China-Vietnam logistics and trading companies.

During the Meeting, officers from Guangxi Department of Commerce states that China-Europe trains (Pingxiang-Hanoi) cross-border container liner is one of the main lines for land transportation heading south, and was first put into operation on 28th November, 2017, realizing two-way operation, accomplishing south-heading transportation network system, exerting a significant influence on Guangxi cross-border train transportation as well as resource complementaries and interconnection with Southeast Asian countries.

At the present, China-Vietnam logistics mainly depends on land transportation, and the capacity is nearly saturated. As a famous brand in Europe-Asia railroad transportation, China-Europe trains are more and more preferred by trade enterprises.

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