Annual gross output value of Guangxi marine economy exceeds 130 billion yuan


Guangxi’s marine and fishery economy continued to grow rapidly in 2017, and its annual gross output of marine products is expected to exceed 130 billion yuan with an increase of about 9% on a YOY basis, which is hitting a new high, according to the Ocean and Fishery Administration of the autonomous region. Among them, for the fishery economy, the total output of aquatic products in the region reached 3.75 million tons, increasing by above 4% on a YOY basis.

According to the principal of the Ocean and Fishery Administration, the target of the total output value of marine production in 2018 is 150 billion yuan. Guangxi will fully support the sea waters use projects in line with the latest national policies, arrange a total sea waters use area of 500 hectares, ensure the sufficient areas for sea waters use projects, and ensure that the region’s total output of aquatic products making a YOY increase of more than 2.5% and reaching 3.83 million tons.

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