Tourism promotion activities of Nanning enter Maoming and Zhanjiang


From January 23th to 26th, Nanning Tourism and Development Committee organized the county-level tourism departments and tourism companies to conduct advertising and promotion activities in Maoming City and Zhanjiang City, Guangdong province. With beautiful landscape, livable environment, diversified customs and dynamic city, Nanning becomes a popular tourism destination. On January 27th, Maoming's first tourist group of Hengtaiguang Traveling in Green City arrived at Nanning, which indicated that the campaign of "Ten Thousand People from Maoming Visiting Nanning" kicked off. This is the prominent achievement of "Guangdong and Guangxi Poverty Alleviation" tourist advertising and promotion activities.

"Next, Nanning Tourism and Development Committee will hold a series of activities, further promote and advertise the excellent tourism resources and products". The principal said that the Department would continuously implement the poverty alleviation with tourism, and make tourism the drive of people to strive for a relatively comfortable life.

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