Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Area promotes development of Nanning’s export-oriented economy


Since the close operation of the bonded area last year, under the leadership of the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the Hi-tech Zone, the Management Committee of Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Area has focused on the construction of supporting facilities, the follow-up on project services and the development of the economy to build the area as a new engine for Nanning’s foreign trade, and to promote the development of the export-oriented economy of Nanning.

In recent years, processing trade enterprises of Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Area have been put into operation at a fast speed and realized high output value. Besides, Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Area has been the first to set up a three-in-one supervision and business mode for cross-border e-commerce, international express mail and international mail exchange in the country. In the future, the area and its ancillary areas will gradually introduce a batch of high value-added processing trade projects which give first place to electronic information industry, high-end value-added logistics and scale-based e-commerce and other service projects to drive the development of outside area by inside one and realize industrial agglomeration.

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