Wuming District: orah citrus industry drives development of rural economy


Xinzhou Tun of Liancai Village of Xianhu Town, Wuming District recently held an orah citrus (also named “Wo Gan”) contest which attracted more than 1,000 villagers and traders. Orchardist Pan Feng said excitedly: “I won the champion in the sweetness competition of orah citrus contest and some trader ordered 45,000 kilograms of fruits at the unit price of 17.2 yuan, which means that I will have an income of about 800,000 yuan.”

Wuming District, endowed with plenty of sunshine and rains and high selenium in the soil, is geographically perfect for the planting of orah citrus. In recent years, Wuming District has been trying to build the brand of “Wuming Wo Gan”. Through improving ecological quality, standardized production, brand building, clustering development and online fast sales, Wuming District has boosted the development of orah citrus industry. At present, the planting areas of orah citrus in the whole county reaches over 300,000 mu(=0.0667 hectares), accounting for one third of orah citrus planting areas in Guangxi, which greatly improves the income of farmers.

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