Guangxi improves market withdrawal mechanism of enterprises from overcapacity industry


As learned from the Industrial and Information Commission of Guangxi on January 8th that, the “Implementation Plan for Improving the Market-based Withdrawal Mechanism for Enterprises of Overcapacity Industry in Guangxi” (“Implementation Plan” for short) has recently been issued. According to the goal set by the plan, by 2020, the market withdrawal mechanism of Guangxi’s overcapacity industries will have basically been improved, and the goal of resolving excess capacity in the country will have been fully completed.

Resolving excess capacity is an important measure to promote supply-side structural reforms, and promote industrial restructuring, energy-saving and emission reduction. Establishing a market-based withdrawal mechanism for overcapacity industries is an important way to continuously push forward efforts to resolve overcapacity. The Implementation Plan will prompt a batch of enterprises with backward production capacity in Guangxi to exit in accordance with the law, and a group of excess capacity enterprises that are less competitive to exit voluntarily through market selection. Thus, the overcapacity contradictions will be eased, the environmental quality will be improved, and the industrial structure will continue to be optimized and upgraded.

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