Bingyang Logistics Distribution Center for E-Commerce founded


On January 5th, the Bingyang Logistics Distribution Center for E-Commerce was formally established. On the same day, a ceremony with the theme of promoting e-commerce in rural areas was held for distributing the logistics vehicles of the logistics distribution centers at county level. Directors from 16 logistics units at the town level in the county received 20 logistics vehicles in all.

It is learned that Bingyang County was awarded as the National Comprehensive Demonstration County for Promoting E-Commerce in Rural Areas in July, 2016. In order to step up the paces of e-commerce development in rural areas and promote the construction of the logistics system at the county, town and village level, Bingyang County has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Nanning Mingda Logistics and Storage Co., Ltd. on the logistics system for e-commerce. The development of e-commerce in Bingyang County has made remarkable progresses ever since.

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