High-tech enterprises of Nanning enter rapid growth phase


The list of the third group of the high-tech enterprises of Guangxi of 2017 has been recently released, according to the Nanning Science and Technology Bureau on January 7th. There were 269 enterprises in Guangxi identified as the national high-tech enterprises, 110 of which were enterprises of Nanning. So far, Nanning is home to 451 high-tech enterprises. Over the past three years, the number of the high-tech enterprises in Nanning has been growing respectively at the rate of 31%, 29.5% and 48.8%. The development of high-tech enterprises has entered the rapid growth phase.

Nanning has vigorously implemented the innovation-driven development strategy and continuously strengthened the cultivation of high-tech enterprises, innovative pilot enterprises and technology-based SMEs. Benefiting from a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, both the growth number and the growth ratio reached a record high in 2017. There were 214 enterprises in Nanning accredited as high-tech enterprises, an increase of 48.8% higher than that of the corresponding period of 2016, accounting for 37.45% of the total number of Guangxi, which enabled Nanning to rank first in the autonomous region.

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