China-ASEAN Information Harbor to focus on building over 90 projects from 2018 to 2025


Guangxi held a press conference Thursday for promoting the construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor.

It is reported that by 2020, China-ASEAN Information Harbor will form an international communication network system and information service hub facing ASEAN and serving Southwest of China and South-central China regions with Guangxi as the core, and will achieve a high interconnectivity between China and ASEAN's information network.

According to the Overall Planning on Construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor, China-ASEAN Information Harbor will build a core base of Information Harbor in Nanning, a sub-center of China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park, and digital economy characteristics parks on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence in Guilin, Liuzhou, Beihai and Wuzhou. And it will focus on the construction of over 90 projects from 2018 to 2025, among which about 40 projects are government-led construction projects with a total investment of about 25 billion yuan, and about 50 ones are market-led construction projects with a total investment of more than 50 billion yuan.

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