Meituan Travel and Guangxi Tourism Administration jointly build Tourism E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Model


Guangxi Tourism Administration and Meituan Travel have recently reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly set up the Guangxi Tourist Destination Brand Hall and the Grade II Destination Brand Hall on Meituan Travel to effectively aggregate Guangxi's tourism resources and promote poverty alleviation via tourism with the mode of “Internet +”.

After the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement, Guangxi Tourism Administration will link villages, integrate the special rural tourism resources within the jurisdiction area including characteristic villages, farm restaurants, B& B and inns, restaurants, entertainment, agricultural products, etc., maximize the tourism value of the destination through the Internet, enhance the development level of the regional economy, and promote the fight against poverty with industrial win-win development.

In addition, the two sides will further jointly carry out public welfare projects and personnel training offline, such as carrying out training activities for leaders of poverty alleviation tourism, establishing an expert pool for rural tourism poverty alleviation, and organizing periodic training for poverty-stricken areas.

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