Modern service industry in NNETDA flourishes


Recently, the Financial Street Industry Cluster in National Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area (NNETDA) was recognized by the Leading Group for Service Industry Development of Nanning as "Nanning Modern Service Industry Agglomeration Area".

In recent years, NNETDA has developed rapidly, and it currently has introduced 31 financial institutions of all kinds from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities, and managed funds of more than RMB10 billion; it has also brought in over 100 headquarters of various enterprises within and outside Guangxi, including Chinalco Logistics, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines, City Express Hotel Group, Guirentang Golden Camellia Industry Group and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. With the increasingly prominent effect of industrial agglomeration, the financial industry has become the catalyst and cornerstone of rapid economic development of the area.

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